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Brief information about Teknikcollege in English


The largest cooperating platform witihin the Swedish industry.

What is Teknikcollege?

Teknikcollege is a network of competence centres in which companies collaborate with municipalities and providers of education in regard to technology oriented courses at different levels. Courses at Teknikcollege are quality assured on the basis of eight criteria. The companies of a region play a key role in shaping the structure of the courses as well as designing their actual content.The initiative of Teknikcollege was taken by companies and social partners within the Swedish engineering industry in 2004. Now the social partners in the entire industry (The council of Swedish Industry) are active owners of Teknikcollege.

This is our aim:
  • Improve quality and efficiency in vocational and educational training
  • Improve the skills and competence of the students
  • Improve the image of education for the industry
  • Create education adjusted to labour market
  • Without introducing an apprenticeship system
Eight criteria are to fulfil
  • The council of Swedish industry have together with the municipalities decided upon 8 criteria for Teknikcollege
  • The criterias have to be fulfilled and approved by the partners in the Swedish council of industry
  • There is a review of approvements every third year
For the students

– Teknikcollege offers attractive vocational education and training that can lead directly to a job on the completion of studies or provide a good basis for further studies, e.g. various engineering courses.

For the industrial companies

– Teknikcollege helps to secure the needs for skilled workers within industrial companies.

For the society

– Collaboration with other municipalities and different providers of education and training guarantees effective use of resources as far as municipalities are concerned.

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